Distribution capacity
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Distribution capacity

The location of company is of convenient transportation with highway and railway connected. The plant covers an area of about 260 acres, and office building area up to 5000O. First period construction contains four Tgantry), two indoor warehousing plant, one R&D building, one floor scale. The throughput is up to 1.2 million tons per month. Warehousing and logistics area is to undertake warehousing services.

Transportation and distribution services:

It is equipped with professional transport motorcade and shipping agents. Overall cargo is equipped with electric pile-bit cards, logistics settlements, and 24-hour service for whole day, convenient and fast.

Domestic shipping experience: Our goods have been shipped to port of Hainan, Zhengjiang, Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Hubei, Shandong and Guangxi. We own semiclosed 15 unit transportation vehicles with loading capacity of 20 to 38 tons(space 50150m3), engaged in the domestic highway logistics distribution business. Trucks transportation experience: Our truck business covers all provinces of the country except Tibet, Hainan and Taiwan, such asUrumqi of Xinjiang, Manchuria and Hohhot of Inner Mongolia, Lanzhou of Gansu, Daqing of Heilongjiang, Jilin and so on. 

The company financial is strong, establishing long-term cooperative relations with a number of financial institutions, and has a good reputation and corporate credit. Acting orders and other services are available.