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Aotong Metal Material Center was founded in early 2008, engages in the cutting of steel coil, annual steel processing capacity is about 500,000 tons, and provides distribution and other related supporting services at the same time, formed the service package from raw materials procurement, processing, warehousing to distribution. The main production line was imported from Taiwan with the worlds advanced level. The main configuration includes rough leveling machine, finishing leveling machine, reverse bending looping and stress relieving leveling unit which can eliminate residual stress and make the four edges cutting plate¡¯s shape stability, fully satisfy the requirements of ship building customers. Our products are widely used in ships, bridge, boiler, construction, engineering, machinery, power equipment, and many other products and industry.

Our company meets the customer requirements with high-quality products and after sales service based on the purpose of supplying the customer with consistent and suitable service. With advanced equipment and scientific quality management system, our company was evaluated as designated marine goods and services Company by China classification society. With excellent product quality and considerate service, our company won the praise of customers. And our product¡¯s qualified rate reached 100%.